I want to support rebuilding the nation's economy. Therefore, I am lowering my bookkeeping hourly rates from $50/hour to $40/hour, until further notice. - Manuel
I want to support rebuilding the nation's economy. Therefore, I am lowering my bookkeeping hourly rates from $50/hour to $40/hour, until further notice. - Manuel
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5 Psychological Benefits of Tracking your Budget and Spending


As easy and straightforward as it sounds, keeping track of your finances can be quite a daunting task. Research has revealed that two-thirds of Americans do not track their monthly spending, which corroborates the previous point. In the end, problems such as credit card debts, stress, and anxiety over the future are bound to occur. 

Tracking your spending can save you from all the troubles that are associated with poor budgeting. In any case, pursuing financial freedom and budget tracking go hand-in-hand, which means you cannot achieve the former if you neglect the latter. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep track of your spending:

Reduces impulsive spending 

Most of us are guilty of impulsive shopping which involves buying something, not because you had planned to, but because you saw it. This habit has resulted in many people losing a lot of money on things that are irrelevant or trivial. For a fact, no one likes misusing money regardless of how wealthy they are. A big part of being more financially conscious is being careful with what you buy and the motivation behind buying it. So, if you ever go to a store and find yourself being tempted to buy something that is not on your shopping list, reflect on the consequences. You will surely have a reason to refrain from it.  

Gain confidence in reaching your financial goals  

It goes without saying that tracking your spending is a prerequisite to a secure future. A survey conducted in this regard showed that 81 percent of Americans agree that tracking your spending can help you achieve your financial goals. What is more, we all have desires to fulfill in our lifetimes; whether it is to retire early or travel far and wide, most of them depend on money. Achieving them will require you to know exactly how much you need to get there, which in turn obligates you to keep track of your earnings, spending, and savings.    

Keeps stress away

Arguably, the cause of stress and anxiety in most people invariably has to do with finances. We all tend to feel insecure and stressed when we get late on bills or fail to get what we want when we want it. With proper planning and budgeting, however, you are sure that your financial situation is sorted. In any case, you do not have to worry about emergencies because you already have enough savings to cater to unforeseen issues. As such, it becomes easy to keep stress at bay. 

Have better relationships with family 

A survey conducted by SunTrust Bank revealed that money is the number one cause of stress in families. This result is an indication that if people developed better and viable means of tracking spending, there would be minimal problems affecting families in America and the world as a whole. This particular problem can be solved by communicating and being open about money. Ensure that your partner understands the need for being considerate as far as saving is concerned. Accordingly, you will attain peace of mind that is good for your success. 

Improves your discipline 

Tracking your budget and spending greatly helps to make you more disciplined in managing your finances. Being conscious about your spending and saving routine can go a long way in developing a habit that will last forever. Without discipline, you lack the fundamental tool and drive to be successful in life. This puts you in a precarious financial situation, which is likely to lead to stress and depression. Therefore, for a healthy financial, mental, and physical life, you ought to start being proactive in tracking your budget and spending. 

Developing an effective strategy of tracking your spending should always come first in your financial endeavors. While here, make sure you find one that suits you and stick to it. With discipline, you are sure to have a secure financial future, and consequently, a healthy life. 

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