I hope you're all staying safe and covering each others backs. - Manuel
I hope you're all staying safe and covering each others backs. - Manuel
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My Work History & Educational Goals

Working as an Administrative Intern (early-2016 to mid-2018)

While I was beginning my Math and Physics Associate Degrees at College of the Redwoods in early 2016, I worked for the Hoopa Valley Tribe as an Administrative Intern. This position was a great opportunity. Mainly because I worked at the Hoopa Valley Tribal Admin Office, which meant that I met and talked with various department managers (increasing my local network). Not to mention, I learned about how my Tribe functions and operates during its day-to-day.

It was also during this time that I observed more people at poverty levels in our reservation. For example, the Tribal Admin Office was responsible for releasing emergency assistance money to those who qualified. This money was primarily ONLY meant for medical-related emergencies. However, we received applications almost daily requesting funds for things that qualified, and for things like food, clothes, and motel stays. 

One application had a request for new car tires because the applicant wanted new tires on their car! (Thankfully, this wasn't funded).

However, my main takeaway from working with these emergency assistance funds:

Some of our people did NOT know how to manage their money for their bills, groceries, and other necessary expenses. 

I think that many of these same people would not want to learn anyway, but I firmly believe that there are those who want to learn about money management. Besides, we have hundreds of students in our reservation who do not learn much about budgeting, preparing for taxes, and choosing an insurance company.

These concerns for our local youth and students are partly why I took the job for Mathematics Tutor. I am confident that our youth's knowledge of money will have significant impacts on our local economy. Thus, I hope to teach them more about financial management after I secure my Bachelor’s degree.

Educational Goals

I completed my Associate of Science for Mathematics and Physics in May 2019. I was incredibly excited to have a degree to show for years of work at college. After working and advocating for local solar projects for a bit, I started school at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in September 2019. 

I recently finished my first term with all A’s, and am studying for a BS in Finance with a concentration in Financial Planning. I chose this field because 

1) I LOVE mathematics, 

2) many certified financial planners are older and will likely retire soon, creating job security for students like me in the future, and  

3) I want to help my community, local youth, and my family learn more about proper financial management so we can help decrease the level of poverty here.

After I finished my BS at SNHU (expected in May 2022), I fully intend to apply for a Masters Program at SNHU. Specifically, the MS in Finance with a concentration in Corporate Finance (expected in August 2025). 

I am highly interested in this particular graduate degree because I want to be able to help larger organizations tackle their finances. By improving how our local organizations and individuals handle their money, I believe that we can help people and organizations make better financial decisions.

After obtaining a Master’s Degree, I am unsure as to whether to continue my formal higher education. However, if I do decide to pursue another degree, it will most likely be a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Finance.

Plans for blog posts

I hope you enjoyed reading about some parts of my life and my educational goals. I plan most of my blog posts to be about tips and advice on tackling specific finance or other issues for the average individual. However, I also think it’s important for people taking my opinion to trust me, which can't happen if you don't know much about me.

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