I want to support rebuilding the nation's economy. Therefore, I am lowering my bookkeeping hourly rates from $50/hour to $40/hour, until further notice. - Manuel
I want to support rebuilding the nation's economy. Therefore, I am lowering my bookkeeping hourly rates from $50/hour to $40/hour, until further notice. - Manuel
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Ways to Earn More Credit Card Points


By taking advantage of your regular expenditures, it's easy to increase the points and miles you get back from your credit cards. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to that next great award redemption, whether it's a free flight or a free meal.

But first, a word of warning: Credit cards play a big role in maintaining a healthy credit profile and score. Be sure you are aware of the impact that getting a new card can have, especially when you are planning for a mortgage.

So here are surefire ways to earn more credit card points:

1.)      Simply spending money

Your card may earn 2x points at points in dining, while the second one earns 4x points at gas stations, and a third earns 4x points at grocery stores. Don’t forget to pay attention to bonus categories that can cost you thousands of extra points each year. Always keep track of cards and bonus categories, you can be sure to always get the most for your regular spending.

2.)     Adding authorized users

When you sign up for a new card, ensure to keep a lookout for the option to add someone trustworthy to your account in exchange for a nice bonus. Remember you are responsible for paying any charges made on the authorized user card, but you also earn points or miles for those purchases. 

3.)        Referral Bonuses

Keep track of the prompts to refer a friend to a card (via a referral link you send them). If they apply for the card and are approved through your referral link, you earn a bonus — depending on the card, the referral bonus could be between 5,000 to 10,000 points or miles. The best thing too is that the person you referred gets the standard sign-up bonus, too.

4.)        Dining Rewards

     When you dine you can earn extra by signing up with a program called Rewards Network, where you earn  miles each time you pay at a participating restaurant, plus a bonus of up to a few thousand miles when you first sign up and start eating.

This kind of program is simple: You just sign up with your preferred airline's dining program, and then register your credit or debit card. Every time you use that card at a participating restaurant, the fee is recognized by the rewards network and you earn extra miles.

5.)        Shopping Portals

   Many credit card rewards programs and frequent flyer programs let you earn tons of bonus points by     shopping online at everyday retailers. By logging into your account, navigating to the shopping portal (usually found under "earn points"), clicking the site you want to visit, and completing your purchase without closing that window, you can watch your points multiply.


These are just 5 ways to earn credit card points. If ever you wish to know more, contact me.

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