I hope you're all staying safe and covering each others backs. - Manuel
I hope you're all staying safe and covering each others backs. - Manuel
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I created this web page to share Personal Finance Resources with others as I find ones that work for me. Please feel free to check back regularly because I intend to update this page as I move forward. Let me know what works for you to tackle your personal finances!

NOTE: I do not plan to become a commission-based Certified Financial Planner when I complete my education, therefore, all of these links are NOT sponsored or affiliate links.

Credit Building & Monitoring


I used Self Lender (now Self) for over three years to first start building my credit. At that time, my credit was at zero because I had no credit history, and was unable to secure any credit cards. In short, Self helped me start my credit out in the mid 500's and set me on the path to better credit. I highly recommend it for students or people looking to start building credit.

Please check it out for more information and to learn more about the process.


Budget Tracking


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Although I usually physically write down my budget in a journal every month, I love using Personal Capital to keep track of my monthly expenses. Furthermore, this web app allows me to track my monthly income and compare it with my expenses. Personal Capital also notifies me if I spent more or less than the previous month--which is helpful to monitor my current financial situation. 

Feel free to visit the Personal Capital website for more information and reviews.